This site is written on Manjaro Linux on a Thinkpad T440p using Neovim from wherever I'm living, in Markdown, SCSS, Javascript, Nunjucks, et cetera, and then fed through Eleventy to produce the actual HTML. You can see the actual code on github - the actual deployed files are under the "gh-pages" branch.

Desktop screenshot
A screenshot of the dev process - you'll have to open it in a new tab to see it at a decent size

The font used here was blatantly plagiarised from NeXTStep, although I'm not sure what the actual font is. It was painstakingly converted into a TTF font using FontStruct based on all the screenshots of NeXTStep I could find online. Unfortunately, browsers have not evolved to display the font in a pixel-perfect manner in some places - on my end most of it's okay, save for the occasional title being on a half-pixel or something. Not much I can do to fix it. Go contribute to Servo or something?

The posts themselves all conform to the h-entry microformat, but I'm not sure if that's still a cool thing to be doing. Everything's pretty POSH, anyway.

There's also RSS and JSONfeed feed formats available for your viewing pleasure. (They should be auto-discoverable, either way.)

  1. colophon (n.) [ˈkʰɑːɫəfɑːn]: A page on a website identifying the details of its creation, such as the technologies used. (via wiktionary) ↩︎