Government of Dhimrai

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Royal Government of the Dhimze People
EstablishedX CY
StateUnited Kingdom of Dhimrai
LeaderDelegate of Dhimrai
Appointed byPopular vote
Main organRoyal Cabinet
Ministries11 (See § Ministries)
Responsible toRoyal Assembly

The government of Dhimrai (Dhimze: lárzhvi-jhmirjhki), officially the Royal Government of the Dhimze People (qiidit;-lárzhvi-jhmirjhviá) is the central executive authority of the United Kingdom of Dhimrai. It is led by the delegate (currently Jsemi Usikheli, since 4621 CY) who selects all the other ministers. The Royal Cabinet, the main executive organ of the government, was established in the Constitution in X CY. Its members meet weekly at X in Jvuzrada.

Composition and formation


Royal Cabinet



Current government


Ministers are appointed by the delegate (currently Jsemi Usikheli). Below is a list of current ministers:

Ministry Minister Party
Ministry of Home Affairs Civit Tivriskheli Liberal Party
Ministry of Law Kaghuli Asvitkheli Liberal Party
Ministry of Foreign Affairs Gaziner Jvinkheli Liberal Party
Ministry of National Defense Sverit Buritkheli Liberal Party
Ministry of Economy and Finance Bakso Baksokheli Liberal Party
Ministry of Agriculture Mjeos Qarrkheli Liberal Party
Ministry of Labor Sverit Msrovskheli Workers' Federation
Ministry of Health Non-partisan
Ministry of Education Liberal Party
Ministry of Culture Liberal Party
Ministry of Colonial Administration Liberal Party