List of Delegates of Dhimrai

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The Delegate of Dhimrai is the head of government in Dhimrai. Under the current constitution, general elections are held once every 5 years.


First Kingdom and Empire

"Old Regime"


Chief Advisors to the Crown under the First Kingdom

Chief Advisor to the Crown under the Empire

Presidents of the Royal Assembly


Delegate Term of office Political Party Monarch
Jvuri Artiokheli I 4598 4603 Democracy Party Qarr IX
II 4603 4607
Diksovi Bazikheli 4607 4608 Democracy Party
Leonit Daghikheli
I 4608 4613 Liberal Party
II 4613 4618
III 4618 4619
Jvenzi Baniriakheli 4619 4621 Liberal Party
Jsemi Usikheli
(born 4563)
I 4621 4623 Liberal Party
II 4623 Incumbent