Hello world!

Hello world!

My first post and an introduction

Hello, world! This is the first post I'm making on my own site, hosted on Neocities.

I wasn't there for the small web - not the web Berners-Lee knew, not the web 90s kids knew, and just barely what it was in the earliest 10s - but I've seen glimpses into the past, before the homogenization and centralization of the web, and I'd much rather have a web like that than the one we have now.

There are a lot of projects trying to approximate this, and we'll probably never truly escape Big Tech (TM), as some might like to call it, at least until some sort of global revolution. Until then, I am perfectly happy to scratch out my own corner of the nascent indie web.

Hopefully, I'll write more than I'm used to. A web without content is simply infrastructure, and empty Debian servers are boring.

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