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if you should enjoy the content on my site, here's a list of things i enjoy; you might enjoy them as well


my online oomfs can be found at


  • - warning, long page load; a log of life of a person with an interesting writing style (meant positively!) and a lot of content
  • systemspace[1] was an experience that i certainly have not forgot. (if you're a former migrant, come say hi!)
  • if you enjoy fauux (epilepsy/sound warning), angusnicneven, or systemspace, you'll enjoy this as well
  • drew devault's blog is a bit less artsy than the last few links, but certainly makes good reading
  • cyberia, which i am ostensibly a member of, and who are very cool people
  • for more internet diving, check out peelopaalu, with a warning that their sensibilities are less easily offended than mine



those who know me well know i cannot sit through a series; the fact that these appear here is a testament to how well they can grip you. mal links given largely so that i have a link to give - in a world without terms of service i'd give you a link to watch them through

  • serial experiments lain, human connection, isolation, and the then-burgeoning internet
  • sonny boy, coming-of-age done strikingly well; frequently throws entire curveballs at your expectations
  • perfect blue is not perfect, but certainly comes close in its mind-twisting plot


  • gregory and the hawk, who has been the soundtrack to all of the life that i can remember
  • crywank, who similarly has given word and sound to all my simple teenage emotions
  • starry cat and, by extension, any of teen suicide's related projects - low fidelity guitar recordings make my brain tingle
  • etsuko yakushimaru - パラレル、パラレル、パラレル、パラレル、パラレルワード〜


unfortunately, i am a child of the screen, and books fell out of my grasp with that, but i can strongly recommend house of leaves

  1. this link doesn't work anymore :-( an archive used to be available at ↩︎

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