List of Dhimze monarchs

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There have been

Kingdom of Jvuzrada

Doccábh rule

Second Dark Ages

Barony of Jvuzrada (c. 3400–3615 CY)

Barony of Ganipara (c. 3400–3615 CY)

Name Portrait Reign Succession Life details
Daghi II
Daghi III
"the Great"
Daghi III
3567 – 3633 CY
(aged 66)
Last baron of Ganipara until X.

First Kingdom of Dhimrai

The First Kingdom of Dhimrai was the ruled by four kings under an ariani or high king. Only the ariania are listed below.

Daghiovs dynasty (3615–3801 CY)

Name Portrait Reign Succession Life details
Daghi III
"the Great"
Daghi III Daghiovs
3615 – 3633 CY
(18 years)
Baron of Ganipara 3567 – 3633 CY
(aged 66)
Considered the first king of Dhimrai. Died at the battle of X.
Daghi IV
Daghi IV Daghiovs
3633 CY
(5 months)
Son of Daghi III 3594 – 3633 CY
(aged 29)
Only issue were two twin daughters. Assassinated along with them by Askeli I.
Askeli I
"the Tall"
Askeli I Daghiovs
3633 – 3655 CY
(22 years)
Son of Daghi III, brother of Daghi IV 3597 – 3655 CY
(aged 58)
Stood at around 190 cm (6 ft 3 in) tall and continued several of his father's conquests. Died of a gangrenous foot.
Msrovs I
"the Good"
Msrovs I Daghiovs
3655 – 3695 CY
(40 years)
Son of Askeli I 3628 – 3695 CY
(aged 67)
His reign was marked with economic prosperity. Died of natural causes.
"Lady of Steel"
Arvtebi Daghiovs
3695 – 3734 CY
(39 years)
Daughter of Msrovs I 3660 – 3734 CY
(aged 74)
Succeeded her father due to being his only living heir after the death of her brother Sverit. This sparked a civil war which she ended up winning. Died of natural causes.
Sverit I
Sverit I Daghiovs
3734 – 3766 CY
(32 years)
Son of Arvtebi 3697 – 3766 CY
(aged 69)
Died of natural causes.
Askeli II
"the Simple"
Askeli II Daghiovs
3766 – 3782 CY
(16 years)
Son of Sverit I 3727 – 3782 CY
(aged 55)
Suffered from a mental disability and fathered no children. The cause of his death is only described by contemporary accounts as "a misfortune".
Msrovs II
Msrovs II Daghiovs
3782 – 3801 CY
(19 years)
Son of Sverit I, brother of Askeli II 3737 – 3809 CY
(aged 72)
Last king of the Daghiovs dynasty. Was deposed by the Royal Guard and imprisoned. Died of natural causes.

Interregnum (3801–3804 CY)

After Msrovs II's deposition, Dhimrai was briefly placed under military administration by the Royal Guard. The de facto leader of the country was the Commander of the Royal Guard.

Name Portrait Reign Succession Life details
Kaghuli Baksokheli 3801 – 3804 CY
(3 years)
Commander of the Royal Guard

Recinse dynasty (3804–3904 CY)

Once order had returned in the court, the Royal Guard stepped down in favor of Askhrvi Mrtvitkheli of House Recinse. Nonetheless, the Recinse dynasty was marked by a Royal Guard that was much more involved in politics and government. Note that ariania beginning with the Recinse dynasty use patronymics along with their house name, as was tradition in the non-ruling houses under the Daghiovs dynasty.

Name Portrait Reign Succession Life details
Askhrvi of Dhimrai
Askhrvi Mrtvitkheli Recinseks
3804 – 3817 CY
(13 years)
Usurped by force 3738 – 3817 CY
(aged 79)
Rose to the throne after deposing Msrovs II in a coup. Died of natural causes.
Daghi V of Dhimrai
Daghi V Askhrvikheli Recinseks
3817 – 3831 CY
(14 years)
Son of Askhrvi 3773 – 3831 CY
(aged 58)
Died of a sudden illness, thought to be caused by poison from a member of his court.
Qarr I
"the Old King"
Qaṙ I Daghikheli Recinseks
3831 – 3905 CY
(74 years)
Son of Daghi V 3811 – 3905 CY
(aged 94)
Rose to the throne after his two older siblings Ukheri and Tivris had died prematurely. Became the longest reigning ariani of Dhimrai and died of natural causes.

Following the death of Qarr I, Dhimrai was plunged into a civil war between the late ariani's numerous heirs. Eventually, the throne was usurped by Penioni Jvurikheli, the Crown's Grand Admiral, who declared himself Emperor of the Dhimze Empire.

Dhimze Empire (3908–3944 CY)

Penioniovs dynasty

Name Portrait Reign Succession Life details
Penioni I
"the Lord of the Four Seas"
Penioni I Jvurikheli Penioniovs
3908 – 3932 CY
(24 years)
Usurped by force 3850 – 3932 CY
(aged 82)
Declared himself Emperor of the Dhimze Empire after a coup d'etat. Died of natural causes.
Penioni II
Penioni II Penionikheli Penioniovs
3932 – 3944 CY
(12 years)
Son of Penioni I 3886 – 3945 CY
(aged 59)
Deposed during the revolution of 3944. Executed the next year.
Taghiuri Penionikheli Penioniovs
3944 CY
(12 days)
Son of Penioni II 3925 – X CY
(aged ?)
Technically became emperor after his father's abdication. Remained his entire "reign" hidden in (country) with his mother.

United Kingdom of Dhimrai

After the revolution in 3944 CY, the Empire was overthrown and replaced by a new constitutional monarchy, moving the capital to Jvuzrada, which was home to many influential families. Dhimrai became a unitary state ruled by a parliament, with a king or queen acting as little more than a figurehead. Every king starting with Tivris I has the title of "King of Dhimzes".

House of Otvdulebi (3944–X)

Name Portrait Reign Succession Life details
Tivris I
Tivris I Kenikheli Otvdulebiks
3944 – 3972 CY
(28 years)
Installed by parliamentary vote 3894 – 3972 CY
(aged 78)
Put on the throne by the new democratic government, chosen from the heads of various noble houses. Died of natural causes.
Odzezin I
"the Modest"
Odzezin I Tivriskheli Otvdulebiks
3972 – 4008 CY
(36 years)
Son of Tivris I 3928 – 4008 CY
(aged 80)
Died of natural causes.
Askeli III
"the Colonizer"
Askeli III Qaṙkheli Otvdulebiks
4008 – 4061 CY
(53 years)
Grandson of Odzezin I 3986 – 4061 CY
(aged 75)
Started Dhimrai's colonial era and had the colony of Askeliema named after him. Died of dysentery.
Sverit II
"the Bald"
Sverit II Pekhtiakheli Otvdulebiks
4061 – 4073 CY
(12 years)
First cousin of Askeli III, great-grandson of Odzezin I. 3996 – 4073 CY
(aged 77)
Inherited the throne after Askeli III died with no direct living heir. Died of natural causes.
Tivris II
Tivris II Sveritkheli Otvdulebiks
4073 – ? CY Son of Sverit II
Koravi I
Koravi I Tivrisdeli Otvdulebiks
Daughter of Tivris II

House of Gneria (X–Present)

Name Portrait Reign Succession Life details
Desva II
Qarr VII
"the Cripple"
Qaṙ VII Desvakheli Gneriaks
? – 4493 CY Son of Desva II 4447 – 4493 CY
(aged 46)
Had a limp from a horse riding accident when he was a child. Died of the influenza, thought to be at the instigation of Sverit VII.
"the Boy King"
Qaṙ VIII Qaṙkheli Gneriaks
4493 – 4495 CY
(2 years)
Son of Qarr VII 4474 – 4495 CY
(aged 21)
Ascended to the throne as a teenager after his father's sudden death. Died at the instigation of Sverit VII.
Sverit VII
"the Ruthless"
Sverit VII Desvakheli Gneriaks
4495 – 4547 CY
(52 years)
Son of Desva II, uncle of Qarr VIII 4451 – 4547 CY
(aged 96)
Had the colony of King Sverit Land named after him. Died of natural causes.
Odzezin III
"the Good King"
Odzezin III Sveritkheli Gneriaks
4547 – 4594 CY
(47 years)
Son of Sverit VII 4499 – 4594 CY
(aged 95)
Had a keen interest in biology and geography, and frequently travelled the world. Died of natural causes.
Qarr IX
Qaṙ IX Odzezinkheli Gneriaks
since 4594 CY
(33 years)
Son of Odzezin III 4556 CY – Living
(aged 71)
King of Dhimzes during the Copper War. Currently sits on the throne.


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