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Time in Jotunnheim is currently measured through four calendar systems, BP, CY, AE, DC and GA. As Jotunnheim is a fictional steampunk world, sense of time is obviously different from that of Earth, though the current era is roughly equivalent to 1930s Earth. Jotunnheim years are also not equivalent to earth years in length. One Jotunnheim year is equivalent to roughly 0.75 of an Earth year. This means lengths of time which may seem strange in Earth time are much more reasonable in Jotunnheim, 25 years might seem strange to be the age at which one becomes an adult, but it’s equivalent to roughly 18.67 Earth years. Keep this in mind while reading or writing.


BP, or Before Present, is a purely meta system used for determining the time frame relative to that of Earth. It is not used by any nations or peoples in-world. The current year in BP is obviously 0 BP, and counts backwards from there.


CY, or Common Year, is the most widely(?) used calendar system in Jotunnheim. The calendar starts with the crowning of the Marphat King X. The current year in CY is 4627 CY.


AE, also known as After Enlightenment or the Kunwidya calendar, is the second most widely used calendar system in Jotunnheim. The calendar starts with the birth of The Prophet, and is used mostly by countries with a Kunwidya majority. Any period before the birth of the prophet uses BE or "Before Enlightenment." The current year in AE is 839 AE.


CC, or Cicean Calendar, is the calendar used within Cicex and its cultural sphere. The calendar starts with the purported arrival of the first Ciceans onto Jotunnheim, who would later found Cicex as a nation. The current year in CC is 3328 CC


GA, or Great Age, is the calendar system used within Chiöq and several other non-Kunwidya countries in Huo. The calendar starts at the alleged founding of the mythical Xiaar state in 398BCY (or 1GA.) The current year in GA is 5160 GA.